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He’s Got This!

Today is Father’s Day. A day we give honor and thanks to the fathers who have poured into the next generation, [...]

He’s Got This!2019-06-17T12:39:04-06:00

Convention Weekend June 28-30!

We will be live streaming the National Church of God Convention that will be taking place in Orlando Florida. Join us [...]

Convention Weekend June 28-30!2019-07-01T11:55:47-06:00

Where’s God’s Comfort?

Last week we talked about comfort and our need to ask God for comfort. Let me review that a little bit [...]

Where’s God’s Comfort?2019-05-20T15:09:07-06:00

Escape Your Rut – Part Four

Sometimes it is hard to be a follower of Christ. Especially when his teachings can be hard for us to follow. [...]

Escape Your Rut – Part Four2019-05-20T15:21:39-06:00

Escape Your Rut – Part Three

More detail of how to have the victory in your personal thought life and its impact on your physical/emotional being. YouTube video from Dr. Leaf showing the development of thoughts.

Escape Your Rut – Part Three2019-05-20T15:19:13-06:00

Southern Plainsmen Visit

Louisiana's Goodwill Ambassadors The Southern Plainsmen Quartet was organized in May 1978 in the rolling pine-hills of West-Central Louisiana. THE SOUTHERN [...]

Southern Plainsmen Visit2019-05-20T15:09:49-06:00

Escape Your Rut – Part Two

Today is the second session of Escape Your Rut. We will begin to identify the ruts in our lives. Once we can [...]

Escape Your Rut – Part Two2019-05-20T15:19:43-06:00

Escape Your Rut – Introduction

What has started the formation of this sermon series several months ago is something that others have asked me, and honestly, I [...]

Escape Your Rut – Introduction2019-05-20T14:52:34-06:00