Are you confused with all the information regarding God, the Bible, differences in interpretations, and the age old question, “What is truth?”
Are you afraid to believe what anyone says about the Bible because it seems no one can agree?
Looking for a safe place to ask those “stupid” or “silly” questions about God?

Wednesdays during the summer, everyone is welcome to join us as we discover how to research, dig into, and understand God’s Word more accurately. We will discuss different tools available, how to discern what is God’s truth and what is man’s truth, what to do with seemingly contradictory sections of the Bible, how to get through our own (and other’s) strongly held beliefs to let God teach His truth, and much more.

Our Bible Studies are open to anyone interested, regardless of denomination affiliation or even lack thereof! All ages who can participate are welcome.

This month’s classes will be hands-on collaborative experience uniquely designed for individual and group exploration into the written Word of God. What mysteries will we explore? That is totally up to those who participate and the direction of the Holy Spirit!

Come and join us! It will be a wonderful Adventure!

July 3 – August 21st, 2019
NorthPointe Church of God
3900 Appleby Sand Road