09-06-2020 Daniel 12
Sunday, September 6, 2020 Series: Book of Daniel LL Clay
Revelation 20:15 Matthew 24:15–16 Matthew 27:52–53 2 Timothy 2:17–18 Daniel 8:9–14 Daniel 11:1–12:9 Daniel 12:11–13 Resurrection Faith Anger Eternity Revelation Money Comfort Salvation Heaven Commitment Worship Suffering Government, Politics and National Identity Adoption Stress Righteousness Eschatology Truth Wisdom Power Education War Sabbath and Rest Sacrifice Jesus God Church Killing Tabernacle

As a continuation of Daniel 11, chapter 12 further explains the vision Daniel received from God. Pastor Clay explains how your end times view influences your interpretation of Daniel 12 as well as the resurrection. Learn about the different views of the ressurection as it relates to Daniel's prophecy.

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