NorthPointe Church of God is comprised of many backgrounds, denominations and professions. Each person brings a unique story and perspective that helps us grow as a church and as individuals. Come, join us. You will find new friendships as you seek to learn more about who God is and His plan for you.

Upcoming Events
  • Bible study devoted to digging into the Word and finding tools to help.

Summer of Discovery Bible Study

Are you confused with all the information regarding God, the Bible, differences in interpretations, and the age old question, "What is truth?" Are you afraid to believe what anyone says about the Bible because it seems no one can agree? Looking for a safe place to ask those "stupid" or "silly" questions about God? Wednesdays during the summer, everyone is welcome to join us as we discover how to research, dig into, and understand [...]

  • Joy from God as family walks the beach with a dog.

The Essence of God That Eludes Us

Riddle for you... If you want something bad enough, you will seek it out. If you don't want it, you will refuse to allow it in. Actually, anything you answer could work for this. Congregation today came up with some great answers: Love Friendship Health Unity Education [...]

  • He's Got This! Men, you can do it by putting your confidence in God.

He’s Got This!

Today is Father’s Day. A day we give honor and thanks to the fathers who have poured into the next generation, both by blood and those chosen to be loved. Just as Paul in the New Testament called Timothy, who was not of his blood, his son, [...]

  • Experiencing God's comfort.

Where’s God’s Comfort?

Last week we talked about comfort and our need to ask God for comfort. Let me review that a little bit and kind of break that down again. When we are struggling with pain and suffering, all we really want is for it to stop. We ask [...]

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.