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Northpointe Church of God is comprised of many backgrounds, denominations and professions. Each person brings a unique story and perspective that helps us grow as a church and as individuals. Come, join us. You will find new friendships as you seek to learn more about who God is and His plan for you.

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  • Scene form the play a Christmas to Believe In


We set out to accomplish a few things this holiday season! We wanted to be blessing to a family. Spread the word about Jesus and impact our community. We decided to do this by making this church relevant. Here is what we did: 1. We helped a family in need! 2. We sponsored children at TJR this Christmas! 3. We gave Millennials an opportunity to Minister! 4. We had fun! See More...

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  • The Gift Week 5, New Begining

The Gift (Week 5)

The Gift of New Beginnings (Week 5) MAIN IDEA: As Christians we can get a fresh start. We [...]

  • The Gift of Community (Week 4)

The Gift (Week 4)

The Gift of Community (Week 4) MAIN IDEA: Christmas shared with others is God’s best plan for us. [...]

  • The Gift of Reconcilation (Week 3)

The Gift (Week 3)

The Gift of Reconciliation (Week 3) Fixin What is Broken MAIN IDEA: Jesus reconciles what is broken with [...]

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.